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Flight delays and rescheduling:

We know your pets are your family and we care about them too. However, as a courtesy to  our next scheduled client and to maintain the cleanliness and quality of all the vehicles that were being used  for the service, all pets (all sizes) must be transported in a crater or kennel while the vehicle is in motion, with an exception to all service dogs.​ Each pets/service dogs that are being transported are subject to an additional fee of $7.00 per pet. ​Please call us for more information.

All passengers are limited to check in 2 luggage and a hand carry, plus a personal item per passenger for no additional charge. Any excess luggage is subject to a fee of $10 per additional luggage. However,​special equipment or cargo boxes being transported  must be properly packed or sealed to avoid any damages and is subject to an additional fee of $15 per item. Due to the nature of our business, Diamond Van will not be responsible for any damages to any items being transported while the vehicle is in motion. To avoid such incident, may we ask to please be sure that your valuables and fragile items are well packed and sealed for protection.

A full payment is due on the day the reservation is made. All payments are accepted in the form of credit card ( with additional fee ) or ACH payment. All returned checks with an insufficient funds will be charged a minimum fee of $25 per check
Due to the nature of our service, cancellation is subject to a 10 % fee, or 20% if canceled in 48 hours from the time of your pick up, or No refund will be issued if service is canceled in less than 24 hours from the time of pick up, or "No show". Services that are subject to a 20% deposit, will not be issued a deposit refund if service is canceled, otherwise, it will be credited to the total remaining balance after the service. Price quotes are valid for 7 days only, and our rates may change from time to time without further notice. All reservations are on a first come, first served basis only. 

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Once your reservation is booked all flights prior to your arrival are verified and checked by us through our flight tracker, and so the accuracy of the flight itineraries given to us during the reservation are the passenger's responsibility. 

We understand that at times there might be an unforeseen circumstances like, family emergencies, or cancelled flight and so on, and we are here to listen. And that is why it is crucial that you communicate with us through email or phone call if there are any special circumstances. If your flight is canceled by an airlines, please send us a copy or proof of your flight is reschuled. However, in the event that we have to reschedule your pick up for other reasons aside from the special circumstances that is mentioned previously, and as a courtesy to our passengers who are currently scheduled next, pick up that are beyond the 2 hour allotted time will have to wait to our next available pick up, and is subject to an additional fee of no less than the original amount you paid for the same reservation. For rescheduling please send us an email at Our reservation is on a first come, first served basis and the date and time you choose reschedule is not guaranteed. Please check with us first before rebooking your next flight.

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